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From Debbie: Just to say that it’s not too late to get Barn Dance tickets if you want them – it’s next Saturday evening (19th) - email me if you want them and I’ll et Cathy know.   

Plus Ealing Council are consulting (huh!) on changing the No Entry for Mattock Lane from the current western end (at Culmington Road) to the eastern end at Bond Street.  Have your say here

Also Geoff Horwood is in another show at Questors (in the Studio – called appropriately Waiting in the Wings) immediately after Yeomen – here’s the page to this on Questors website, but alas it’s not yet open for booking.   

This Wednesday : if you are coming on Wednesday, please come in your tidy bib and tucker, and make-up if you want, as Alan is doing photos for the programme.   (Plus Next Weds we are going back over Act 1 finale and into the start of Act 2 (Warders are Ye) 

 Principals:  it’s the usual request please for biographies for the programme – 50 to 100 words asap to Alan at NellWhitworth@aol.com

 Think that’s it for now, but don’t hesitate to email me with any questions.   

 Debbie xx

Here’s the remaining rehearsal schedule subject (as always) to change: 

Weds 16th October:                Act 1 finale, plus Night has Spread, plus Arquebus fired from the Wharf

Weds 23rd October:                7-8.30 principals precise rehearsal bits to be advised then 8.30-9.45 revise chorus pieces 

Sun 27th October                    Keep in diary for a possible extra rehearsal – schedule to be agreed.  (NB: venue at Pitshanger Methodist Church, Pitshanger Lane, W5)

Weds 30th October:                Music consolidation (Fraser not free) 

Sun 3rd November:                 Work and Run Act 1  (NB: venue at Pitshanger Methodist Church, Pitshanger Lane, W5)

Weds 6th November:               Act  2 principals (from 7pm please)

Sun 10th November:                Act 2 finale (NB: venue at Pitshanger Methodist Church, Pitshanger Lane, W5)

Weds 13th November:             Work run Act 2

Sun 17th November:                Get into theatre and band call

Mon 18th November`:              Technical rehearsal

Tues 19th November:               Dress rehearsal 

Weds 20 to 23rd Nov:              Performances 

Don’t forget that the schedule may well change!  So be flexible thanks.   

The three Sundays are at Sunday afternoon at Pitshanger Methodist Church, Pitshanger Lane from about 1.30 to 5pm. 

Don’t forget – it’s the Julian Barn Dance on 19th October – at St Thomas’s Hanwell.  Fliers and details to follow.

Below are a couple of Martin's designs for the stage for Yeoman, based on the Map idea (now approved).

Map Shape