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The latest from Debbie:

Dear All. Just an update and plea for the 21st rehearsal. Plus don’t forget the AGM on 28th July – we have a rehearsal still and the AGM will start at 9pm. 

We definitely looking for new blood (or returning blood) on the committee – so nominations can be emailed to me at this address or given to me at the rehearsal tomorrow. 

It would be helpful if all those getting this info could reply letting me know if you are coming this Wednesday ore if you are not.   (I know some of you have already let me know but please reply anyway - Jamie and Jan needn’t reply.)  It helps us plan seating.  As you can guess from that point, we’ll be continuing to take the measures we used on 14th for this week and next (measures repeated at end of email). 

Here’s the difficult bit to say - please don’t get in a mindset that because many of us have done Pirates before, it doesn’t matter if rehearsals are missed. Jamie led a rehearsal that gave us all a good thorough warm up and went through the finale of Act 1 in a way that informative, safe and fun!   You will be missing stuff if you don’t come regularly - I’ve done Pirates at least five times (3 times with JLOS and twice at Grims Dyke) and I still learnt something last week. 

We decided to do Pirates because we had lost a lot of rehearsal time in the Spring/early Summer and who knows, we may have the risk that we lose rehearsal time in the Autumn. So the more we get right and/or learn at this stage the better.  

If you haven’t got a score, no worries. Between Edwin, Maureen and the Edwards’s, there are plenty going spare plus photocopies of the Act 1 and Act II finales.   

So to repeat, here’s the measures we are taking:

  • Do not attend if you feel unwell or if you think you might have or have been exposed to COVID
  • People will be sitting in their voice parts in the church pews (not the choir stalls) – roughly two rows per part and staggered at a distance from each other 
  • If those in social bubbles want to sit together please do
  • We strongly suggest people keep apart from other and feel free to wear a mask if you want to (when not singing)
  • Bring your own refreshments and keep your belongings with you
  • Toilets will be available
  • Bring your own hand sanitiser to use before, during, after the rehearsal
  • If you feel ill after the rehearsal, let me (Debbie) know ASAP and get tested
  • Please we will be doing a register of attendees – but you can use the NHS app – QR at main entrance

All the best