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Show's over but plenty of information from Cathy:

Firstly, If you have ordered a DVD for the show, please can you come along this Wednesday with your money and pay Lilias. I forget exactly how much the DVD’s cost but I think it was in the region of GBP23.00 and Blu-ray was slightly more. Come armed with about £30 and you should be good.

Wednesday 04th December is the annual Christmas party and the last time we meet until the new year so please do still come along armed with wine / beer or whatever your favourite tipple is with some food. Good things to bring are sausages, cheese savouries, cake ( but not too much sweet stuff- savouries always better) fruit anything that you feel will mop up alcohol really. Then, those of us stalwarts will decant to the Grapevine for our usual.

On 11 December we will not be meeting as such but would anyone like to have a meal out? We did the Greek place last year and for the summer meet up as well and I am more than happy to go back there but maybe you have another idea or preference. Would you prefer something else this time?

On 12 December a group of us are meeting up at Acton Care home ( almost next door to Acton High school) to sing carols to the folks there, so if anyone wishes to join us it will be 1830hrs ( I think. Maureen can tell us more) at the care home. Details can be obtained from Maureen on Wednesday. As we sing from room to room and for obvious reasons the bedrooms are not too large, we can only accommodate about 6 – 8 singers max so if you are interested in joining us, please have a word with Maureen on Wednesday 27thNovember or 04 December.

 Last but not least……… Our very own Geoff Horwood is a show at Questors Studio. Thursday 28th, Friday 29th and Saturday 30th  November. The show is called “ Waiting in the Wings” and it starts at 1945jrs each night. Tickets are £7.00 and it is set in an old folks hone and it features a dating site etc hectic….. A few of us have already booked for Friday and anyone is more than welcome to join us. Please try to support Jeff if you can.