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NB: No rehearsal on Feb 26 as the church used for Ash Wednesday,

Now, a note from Cathy:

On Wednesday both Lilias and Edwin were asking for volunteers to do the teas and coffee. As we do not want it to fall just to one person to be responsible for it every week it would be nice if we could get up a rota of volunteers.

Now ….. Don’t be like Cathy and be afraid… as it only involves taking the tea bag from behind the curtain at the front of the church and laying out a few cups and maybe a few teabags in the pot. After the rehearsal it involves putting everything back in the bag and putting it behind the curtain at the front of the church again. And, basically, that is it.

You do not have to bring milk

You do not have to buy biscuits

You do not have to buy tea and coffee

 More importantly ( as this is what put me off initially) you do not have to fill the urn

 It would be appreciated to advise Edwin when the tea, coffee and biscuits get low but that is it. It’s simple so please, your society needs you to sign up and volunteer  

And a note from Laurence about the Spring Show:

If you haven't managed to get to a rehearsal yet for the spring concert (24th April) it's not too late, please come along, all are welcome, Wednesdays at 7.45pm at St Matthew's Church, North Common Rd Ealing W5 2QA.

The concert is likely to be called 'Of Noble Rank and Title', an entertainment based around the best bits of The Grand Duke with other G&S pieces featuring characters with a title, or who'll end up with a title or who think they might. 

The chorus can sing from the music during the concert so no need to memorise everything but there is need to be very well acquainted with the words and music, so if rehearsals aren't enough you can listen to your line here: http://www.arjentium.com/index.php?pg=gs_practice_grandduke. So far the Grand Duke choruses we've looked at are numbers 2, 5, 12e, 13, 17, with numbers 21, 23 and 27 to come, and maybe a couple of others. And the men are about to tackle a song from Utopia Ltd, no. 14 'Society has quite...' with the chorus singing the 'flowers of progress' parts (i.e. not the king). Have a listen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zz3_zcD15oM

If you want to sing a solo, please let me know. You can suggest something or we can find you something. 

In the meantime, you can download and study the NODA report on Yeomen.