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'Tower Warders Under Orders'. The men's chorus state their case in The Julian Light Operatic Society's 2019 Autumn show The Yeomen of the Guard.
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Welcome to the West London based Julian Light Operatic Society.

We have suspended theatrical activity due to the Covid 19 pandemic, along with so many other similar organisations.

Our 2020 Gilbert and Sullivan production in November, at the Questors Theatre in Ealing, would have been Iolanthe.

When conditions allow, we hope to start rehearsals for a Gilbert and Sullivan show of some description in the Autumn. Come back please for details as the emerge.

In the meantime, we are very pleased to report that the 2019 Julian production of Yeomen of the Guard attracted three awards from NODA, the National Operatic and Dramatic Association. 

Jester and criowd
"'I've a jibe and joke and quip and crank sings jester Jack Point (award winner Leon Berger) to the crowd. And he's a whiz on a drum too it seems.

Sunita Dugal, as Phoebe,  was judged as best female in a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta in the London District.

Leon Berger, as Jack Point, was best male and Yeoman as a whole was best show.

These awards add to a number of others for the Julian Operatic, both to individuals and the company, over recent years.

Yeomen Of The Guard was presented, as usual, at the Questors Theatre in Ealing last November.

It ran for five performances - four evenings and the Saturday matinée - and at each audiences seem to love it. "I have been to many Julian shows but never Yeomen," said one lady. "It was very good indeed. Excellent".

"All the principals were great this year and the choruses were fantastic," said another.

"Congratulations to one and all," declared a third after the opening night.

The Yeomen followed our 2018 show HMS Pinafore. The nautical favourite marked the society's 70th anniversary.

The Julian aims to give the local community an opportunity to experience light opera to as high a standard as possible at lower cost than the professional theatre.

We try to cast principal parts from within the membership and it is open to all to join us, experienced or not. There are plenty of roles in the chorus and much to do backstage and front of house. We have a great team spirit and some people have been singing and acting with us since the 1960s.

We meet for rehearsal every Wednesday evening at St Matthew’s Church, North Common Road, London W5 2QA (Ealing).

Then our main production is usually in the autumn and a soirée or variety concert is normally each Spring.

The Company is self-financing through members' subscriptions and fund-raising.

If you would like to offer financial assistance either by becoming a patron or through official sponsorship, please contact the Secretary (details below). Contact the Secretary (again, details below) or click here for full membership details. And if you would like to be added to the society's mailing list click here

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More pictures from Yeoman 2019. From left to right: Debbie Edwards as Dame Carruthers, House Keeper to the Tower. Philip Lewis is Sergeant Meryll, flanked by his son Leonard (Robert Brown) and daughter Phoebe (award winner Sunita Dugal) as they cook up a cunning plan. Stephanie Laishley is the lovelorn Elsie Maynard.
'With a little help from our friends'

As you can see from above, our show in 2019 - the group's 71st year - was The Yeomen of the Guard. Sometime soon, we hope to be able to present more Gilbert and Sullivan again. And very occasionally, work by other composers and writers. Until then, we have a quick request for members, supporters and friends who can help us stage shows in future.  Please click here.