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The Pirates of Penzance

We had a swashbuckling time, thanks to fantastic audiences and to piratical performances from Geoff Horwood as the Pirate King, Richie Alexander Scott as Samuel and Cheryl Chisnall as Ruth (who also proved that Ruth can be glamorous, especially when wearing boots, tights, a founcey shirt and waistcoat).

Edwin Owen proved that you can buy ancestry and convince pirates about being an orphan (but not frequently, only once).

Peter Edwards played the Sergeant of Police (having been Sergeant Meryl in Yeoman) and he and his troop of policemen were suitably terrified by the exhortations to go to death and glory.

Barry Gilbert and Janarki Monk as Frederic and Mabel proved that love (and stunningly good singing voices) does conquer all.

All in all a fun show and well worth doing again.

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