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Ruddigore - an operetta performed only occasionally - was Julian's 90th show. Staged, as usual, at the Questors Theatre in Ealing, the tale of ghostly goings in the West Country was updated slightly to the years of the First World War.

Here you can see a selection of photographs from the production and if you would like to obtain a disc of all the images taken at the time - about double the number displayed here - it is available from www.XM04.com.

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The Ghosts
The ghosts of Ruddigore (above) and, below, the nomination certificate for the show's set, designed and made by Martin Jarvis, the (really) ugly one in the blood-stained pinafore above.
Noda certificate
Gents Chorus
The Gentlemens Chorus (above) on a break at rehearsal. Below, the Ladies.
Ladies Chorus