The Julian Light Opera Society has been staging Gilbert and Sullivan's operettas in west London since 1948 - with occasional forays into one or two works by other composers and writers of a similar ilk.

This page provides links to programmes from many of these shows.

At present, this archive is still under construction with material being added as it is processed - both recent and historical. So if a particular show you remember fondly - or took part in - is not yet featured, we're working on this as quickly as we can.

If you have any programmes not yet featured which you find in a cupboard or down the back of the sofa, please email and tell us.


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Click the links below to download individual programmes.

The Gondoliers 1950

The Mikado 1950

HMS Pinafore 1951

Patience 1952

Iolanthe 1956

Princess Ida 1961

The Mikado 1962

Trial By Jury & The Pirates of Penzance 1962

Iolanthe 1963

The Yeomen of the Guard 1963

The Sorcerer 1964

Ruddigore 1964

The Gondoliers 1965

The Gipsy Baron 1966

Trial By July & HMS Pinafore 1966

Princess Ida 1967

Blossom Time 1968

The Yeomen of the Guard 1968

The Mikado 1969

The Gondoliers 1969

Patience 1970

Iolanthe 1971

Trial By Jury & The Pirates of Penzance 1971

Ruddigore 1972

Yeomen of the Guard 1973

The Gondoliers 1974

HMS Pinafore 1975

The Mikado 1976

Iolanthe 1977

Orpheus In The Underworld 1978

Yeoman of the Guard 1978

The Sorcorer 2007

HMS Pinafore 2008

The Yeomen of the Guard 2009

Iolanthe 2010

Ruddigore 2011

The Gondoliers 2012

La Belle Helene 2013

The Mikado 2014

The Prates of Penzance 2015