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Orpheus in the Underworld

This unique production featured a completely new translation by Fraser Grant, our director, with specially adapted orchestration by Paul Smith.

Updated to reflect today's celebrity obsessed culture, Act 1 centred around a TV studio where the principal characters (the same as the original) are introduced by the Chat-Show host (Public Opinion).

Act 2, on Mount Olympus, introduced the Ozzie and Sharon of the Gods (Jupiter and Juno) with some upset family and a few extra characters, while Act3 featured arguably the star of the show, Cerberus the hell-hound of death (a tiny Jack Russell).

All got sorted in Act 4 when a toast to Beckus (a statuesque David Beckham full size cardboard cut-out) got the flames of hell burning brightly.

A one off theatrical experience never to be forgotten.

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