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After he 2014 production of The Mikado, It was one win and a near miss for the Julian at the National Operatic and Dramatic Association awards in London.

Marston York, pictured above surrounded by much of the cast, was named best male performer in 2014 in a G&S in London for his Pooh Bah and the production was runner-up as best G&S show in the capital.

The Mikado was set in the early 1950s in E-Ling Studios as those wishing to be part of the cast for a new film of the G&S operetta were auditioned.

Said one one audience member on leaving the theatre: "It was wonderful. The concept (of the company auditioning for a new film of The Mikado at was great. The clarity of the singing and dialogue was strong throughout and it was very funny from start to finish".

Said a second: "I hadn't seen G&S since the 1970s and my heart sank when I saw it was modern dress. But it was really fantastic and I am truly uplifted".

And overheard at curtain down: "How nice to see something like that when there's so much bad news on the telly"

Many described the production as Julian's best ever, so far.

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The words and music were those penned by G&S, save for a few minor updates, as director Fraser Grant pointed out, The Mikado" is a work of genius". And those traditionalists in the audience who spoke to the company afterwards seemed more than satisfied that although Julian's treatment was unusual, they still very much enjoyed the production.

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