HMS Pinafore

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Our 2018 show was HMS Pinafore, as usual at the Questors Theatre in Ealing. And the show marked the society's 70th anniversary.

As is the practice with the company, the music was exactly as Sir Arthur Sullivan wrote it and the words were those of W.S. Gilbert, with a nod or two to contemporary life.

But the setting imagined a time before electricity so the Pinafore was steam-driven. However, she also was equipped with inter-galactic fire power.

So this was no traditional treatment of one of Gilbert and Sullivan's most popular operettas. And the audience seemed to like it.

Said one person: “Congratulations to the cast of HMS Pinafore.  I am still remembering the voice of Cora, just the best ever". Said another: "I saw Pinafore last night and absolutely loved it! Bravo to you all. Thank you all so much”

Other comments included: "I thought the production was absolutely wonderful and full of imaginative touches. Brilliant set and lighting."

"It’s the best Gilbert & Sullivan I’ve ever seen you present, and more than that, it’s the best Gilbert & Sullivan performance I’ve ever seen and heard anywhere".  

"I am emailing to say how VERY MUCH we enjoyed the performance last night!!!   We were delighted to see the person playing Ralph Rackstraw, having enjoyed his performances elsewhere in the past!!"