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The Gondoliers

The Gondoliers was Julian's 91st show. However, it was a less than traditional interpretation. It was set, as usual, in Venice but in the 1950s with the Mafia in full cry.

The Grand Inquisitor was from a little east of Little Venice - somewhere like Shoreditch judging by his accent. And the Duke of Plaza Toro was probably a native of Sheffield going by his.

Here you can see a selection of photographs from the production and if you would like to obtain a disc of all the images taken at the time - rather more than the number displayed here - it is available from www.XM04.com.

Click here for a performance slideshow (you will need Flash installed on your computer - see below). For those on iPads who can't use Flash and anyone who wants to see a movie anyway, there are three versions. Click here for those on fast broadband (fibreoptic and satellite), click here for those on standard broadband and click here for those on slow broadband.

Click here for the show's programme. It's an Adobe Acrobat pdf file.

If you need Adobe Flash for the slideshow to play which can be downloaded free from here. (It is quite safe to install if it is not already on your system, which it probably is). Use the backbutton on your browser to return here from the slideshow.

You will need a reasonably fast broadband connection to see the movie when it arrives otherwise it may take sometime to start, which should do automatically. You may also need Quicktime to be installed on non-Windows computers. Most machines come with Quicktime pre-installed but it can be obtained free from here

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The full chorus, transported to Venice. No expense spared when Julian productions are concerned.